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The 1-800 CONTACTS app is the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to order contact lenses in the solar system.Where else can you reorder your contacts in 3 taps? Pluto? PLUTO ISN’T EVEN A PLANET ANYMORE.SIMPLE ORDERING
Ordering for the first time? It’s slightly more than 3 taps, but it’s still simple and quick and we’ll walk you through the whole process like a scout helping an old lady cross the street, except not in a patronizing way because that’s rude.

In addition to your contacts you’re getting a whole lotta service. Friendly service, at that. If you ever have any questions you can call, email, or text us right from the app.

We answer calls in 30 seconds, respond to emails in 15 minutes, and texts in 4 minutes – all by real live people with adorable Utah accents (NOTE: you only get the adorable accent if you call).

Perhaps you aren’t a 1-800 CONTACTS customer yet. It’s OK. We aren’t here to judge. Our LensGauge feature can be used by anybody to be reminded of when it’s time to swap out their lenses. Because nobody likes itchy red eyes. Nobody.


• Scan your contact lens box to upload your prescription – no typing required.
• Upload a pic of your paper prescription and we’ll ship your contacts even sooner.
• GPS-based search for a local eye doctor.
• Import your doc’s information directly from your Address Book.
• Scan your credit card with the camera or use PayPal for less tiny-keyboard typing.
• Speedy reordering from your secure account.

The 1-800 CONTACTS app is free to download and free to use. Freer than a bald eagle clutching an American flag punching the Berlin Wall. It’s that free.

You know what to do.

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