3 Kingdoms & Poker

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Are you a poker game lover? Then I bet you’ll be interested in having an exciting poker game with the famous heroes from the 3 Kingdoms!

“3 Kingdoms and Poker” combines the epic story of 3 Kingdoms and modern poker gameplay, allowing you to fight with famous characters like “Lu Bu”, “Guan Yu” and “Zhao Yun” by using your strategic combination of poker hands! Want to have a set of Full House or Royal Flush to wipe out all your enemies? No problem, let’s see how good you are!

This game is too addictive that you will no longer play other Poker games!

※ Key Feature
◎ Original Poker fight gameplay: Make a set of “Pair”, “Straight” or “Bomb” and enjoy freestyle gaming experience!
◎ Unique skills for every character: You can fire a poisonous attack by using “Poison” or stop enemies’ action by using “Ice Rain”. Surprise the opponents and eliminate their cards with your unique skills!
◎ Evolve heroes and obtain new skills: Heroes will get fourth skill after evolution so you are able to form multiple teams with different skill sets to face the challenge!
◎ War campaigns from real history: You will undergo those epic campaigns from real 3 Kingdoms history in various game modes such as “Battle”, “Musou”, “Duel” and “Rob”.

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