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Get 360 Mobile Security, a professional security advisor, system optimizer and easy-to-use multimedia vault with an elegant interface, and totally FREE of charge.
Users’ voices:

“Protects everything and keeps the phone very safe!” by (Esco Es**re)

“Very good app I would recommend it to anyone developer did outstanding job developing this.” by (Tickri**ock)

“I don’t have to worry about filling up my cell with too many apps. The Picture/Video/Audio Memo Vault came in handy also. Thanks!!!!” by (Apps are fun to use!)

“The creators of this app did an amazing job with the interface and speed. The memory optimizer works like a charm along with all the other features as well. Thank you so much! I have this downloaded on both my iPhone and iPad. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants to take good care of their iPhone or iPad and protect the security of personal data. GREAT APP!” by (Special12345678910)
Your photos, videos and audio recordings are your means of reaching out to the people you love. However, we know the difference between photos, videos and audio recordings meant for sharing and the kind you want to keep to yourself. Our private Vault feature makes managing your multimedia a snap. Share the photos, videos and the audio you want to share, lock up the ones you don’t. Don’t leave your photos, videos and the audio or privacy to chance.

>>Professional Security Advisor offers you:
-System Scanning. Checks your system for potential security risks, and tells you how to get rid of them.
-Location Services. Checks if your Location Services is running and explains how Location Services may affect your privacy.

>>Memory Optimizer accelerates your device.
It loads the memory usage status of your device every time you enter, and optimize the memory for you with just one click. The more memory available, the more apps you can run. Your large apps and apps will load faster than ever!

>>Cache Cleaner cleans system cache and releases “hidden” storage.
It displays storage usage and gives your advice on whether a cache-clean is needed or not. If you decide to perform it, a broad button is right there that you can click. It will first scan, then clean and finally a report will tell you how much cache has been cleaned and how much space released.

>>The Private Vault feature is a unique way of storing your private media like photos, videos and audio recordings.
From the interface simply swipe up on the top half of the screen to access the hidden pattern lock screen. Only after inputting the proper sequence may the user access their multimedia cache. Only the user will know that these photos, videos and audio recordings even exist! (If you want to see new slide patterns in our new versions then contact us at support@360safe.com. Come on, be creative!)
To make it even more helpful, we provide you the following benefits:
-Encrypt as many private media as you wish
-Batch importing/exporting media or even import a whole album into Vault by simply tapping the “select all” button.
-A fake password that leads to a fake vault to save your real private vault.
-Take photos, videos and audio recordings without entering the password.
-Import and encrypt photos from Facebook
-Import and encrypt media from third party apps
-Auto skip existing media
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