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Let your friends, family or Business colleagues know you are not available when they call, without them getting charged for the call. When you get a call and you cannot answer, your caller does not know why and they will either continue to call again and again or eventually go to voice mail and pay to leave you a message. Let them know the reason you cannot pick up, so they can have the option to call back later or leave a message at their cost. The app works by replacing the ring-ring callers hear while they wait for you to answer your phone with a busy message of your choice. No need to turn your phone off, just switch it to silent mode and still keep your callers informed. The app is completely free to download and you can play any of the pre-recorded messages for a single flat fee of only £1.50 a month. We’ve spoilt you and thrown in a free message and a free month to get you started. Please Note: Bug Me Later App is only available to Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile users in the UK. If you are on any other network it will not work.

1. Select the pre-recorded message suitable to your specific situation

2. Female and male voices available

3. Select and edit your pre-recorded message play time

“By continuing to download and use Bug Me Later you consent to RealNetworks’ (the parent company of Muzicall Ltd) privacy policy. For information on how RealNetworks (RealNetworks Inc., its majority-owned affiliates and worldwide subsidiaries, and RealNetworks divisions operating under different trade names, such as Muzicall), may collect and use both personal and non-personal information relating to you when you use Bug Me Later the, please click here: http://www.realnetworks.com/privacy-policy/.”

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