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We feel it’s the best way to transfer money between friends – for free* and in real-time.Payfriendz is not a boring banking app. It’s as quick and simple as sending a text message.
Get the app now and discover the nicest way to talk money with your friends.It can’t get any easier – just pick a friend, enter the amount you want to send or request and type in your message. Transaction successful!
Payfriendz works across currencies, too – from Euro to Pound to Dollar.Easy to shop: you can use your Payfriendz balance to shop online! Book flights, download games, songs and more – with the virtual Payfriendz card, powered by MasterCard®, which is available with your Payfriendz account.You can invite all of your friends in a heartbeat, no matter where they are.**

Use Payfriendz to:

+ Send money to your friends around the world
+ Split restaurant bills with your friends
+ Split taxi and car sharing fares
+ Buy a group gift or voucher for birthdays
+ Buy tickets online with your virtual Payfriendz Card
+ Pay your yoga teacher, tutor or the babysitter…
+ Pay debts or remind friends to pay you back
+ Pay for your friend’s lunch when they forgot their wallet – and get your money back immediately
+ Organise holiday savings for trips with your friends
Payfriendz features:

+ Free* money transactions
+ In realtime
+ Money transfers to foreign currencies at only 1% mark-up fee
+ Chat messages
+ A virtual Payfriendz card that allows you to spend your Payfriendz balance online
+ Easy top-up via credit card or debit card
+ Easy sharing with friends via text message invites
+ Direct connection with your phone book contacts
+ Connection with Facebook if desired to access friends lists and profile pictures
+ Secure transfers, protected with 256-bit encryption and Passcode (PIN)

We put a lot of blood, sweat and love into building this app and hope we did well. But if you come across a bug or something you don’t like, please do tell us and send an email to – we appreciate all your feedback!

*Payfriendz transactions are free, however, there is a 1% mark-up for cross currency conversions.
**Your friends may only open an account if it is legal to do so in their country of residence. Some jurisdictions restrict public use of online services.

The Payfriendz card is issued by PSI-Pay Ltd. PSI-Pay Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the electronic Money Regulations 2011 (register reference 900011) for the issuing of electronic money. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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