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Brought to you by POCARI SWEAT in support of an active lifestyle, this hybrid App reminds you to hydrate yourself as you run. With it, you can also play Bingo and win prizes. If you sign up as a runner, you can create your own running course including 7-Eleven as your Hydration Points, accumulate your running distance and compete against other runners. If you play Bingo, you can compete against other players with your Bingo score. Or, you can run and play Bingo at the same time for higher winning chances. Available for download only in Singapore.


With the App, you can also:
• Detect your Hydration Points with the latest Beacon technology, enabling you to redeem free tokens to play Bingo when you are at your Hydration Points

4 ways to receive free tokens:
1. Create a running course that passes through 7-Eleven
2. Walk past the front entrance of 7-Eleven
3. Enter 7-Eleven and go near the cashier
4. Buy POCARI SWEAT at 7-Eleven

Please ensure that the App and Bluetooth are turned on to redeem a token

• Win prizes if you are among the top 300 scoring Bingo players at the end of each competition round:
1st Round: 10 Oct – 30 Nov 2014
2nd Round: 1 Dec – 31 Dec 2014

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