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*LISTEN is currently available in the US for T-Mobile customers and in the UK for T-Mobile, Orange and Virgin Mobile customers.

LISTEN is an exciting new music app that lets you entertain your callers by replacing the usual ringing sound they hear with music or special messages. Be a DJ everyday and spin the latest music for your family & friends to hear when they call or broadcast your status for those times when you can’t get to the phone!

Try LISTEN for FREE and enjoy these key features:
· Select free songs to play to all of your callers. 
· Personalize 1 song for one specific caller in your contacts.
· Choose from hundreds of songs and sounds from the LISTEN sponsored music catalog. 
· Auto-set songs to play on holidays or special occasions like birthdays.
· Driving? In a meeting? Too busy to pick up a call? Choose your 'status', set duration and play your status message to your callers.
Start playing caller tunes or status messages for your callers by downloading the app now!
Want more music and enhanced features? Upgrade to LISTEN Standard!
Features include everything above plus:

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