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For a more organized school life, Timetable Kit!

– Create and manage timetable by taps
– Multiple timetables for class, extracurricular activities, friends’ class
– Timetable Stack View function: overlap multiple timetables to find free time
– Upload and download timetables by creating a Password to share with friends: No ID or Phone Number or Registration required
– Share on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Email
– Move, Copy and Paste for each class
– Alarm function

– Reminder of exam dates, assignment deadlines, events and more
– Alarm function

– Various background themes: illustration design, photo and more
– Available in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese (traditional and simplified)

Timetable Kit allows you to create and manage multiple timetables for school, extracurricular activities, and even your friends’ timetables.
With Timetable Kit’s “Stack View”, you can easily spot free time slots from your various schedules,
or compare with your friends’ schedules to find the best time for lunch, meetups, or studying.
Alarm reminders will always keep you informed of class times and important deadlines.
Customize it with your favorite background theme to boost your spirit in school, and share it with your friends for the best semester ever!

Ultimate time management solution in your pocket,
Timetable Kit

*Timetable Kit is powered by Yooii Connector.


To send a file quickly and easily, click the “Connector” icon. When prompted, choose a password and share it with your friend and then press send.

To receive a file, click the “Receive” button and input the password.
Fast, simple, and convenient.

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